Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter 2010 Hive lost

These are the pictures taken from my hive that I just discovered died this winter. I didn't get any honey this fall and I left two deep boxes for the bees to feed on through the winter. My top box is loaded with honey the bees never really tried capping. The bottom box was where I found all the suspicious stuff that may have contributed to their death. I do know there were wax moths present and I am questioning them just freezing or do I have AFB. I hope not!!! Please give me your info. I hate to have to burn the hole hive. I would love to salvage what I have and rehive this spring. I am just a beginner and am confused as to what happened. Check out the pics.

This picture above is what we found on the bottom screen. It is full of eggs. I think they are moth eggs inside a sack.
Below is a close up on snow of what I think is a moth. It was below the bottom screen

Below the bottom screen that is to monitor my veroma mite collection. What I want you to notice are what I think are the wax moths that are present.

Below are the frames from the bottom super which is a deep box with 10 frames. This seems to be where all the damage is located. The upper box looks mostly untouched and is loaded with honey stores.